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One of the major strengths of Bharat (India) is spiritual strength. She has carried her strength through the passage of time and continues to do so. One of the founding principles of spirituality in India is through the Guru - Disciple relationships. It is believed the love and the existence of GOD is experienced through the Guru. The Guru becomes GOD himself and GOD is seen through the Guru as love personified. Guru is a guide in all aspects for the growth of the individual. HE recognizes the latent potency in us and makes us be the very best that we can be and more.

As part of this Guru-Disciple tradition, there are several Maharishis (great Rishis), Saints and Spiritual guides that have graced mother earth and provided solace to the needy. There are Maharishis who have existed (as we know it) through the beginning of time. These spiritual giants/masters live through the changes in time and have no end to their existence. These masters are constantly guiding us.

One of the greatest Maharishis who lives through time immemorial is Kaka Bhujanda Maharishi. HE is considered one the most loving and the grand oldest of the Maharishis. HE continues to provide guidance to one and all even to date. You can experience that too.
Sri Kaka Bhujanda Maharishi provides guidance in the form of Palm Leaves. The reading is done by Sri Ramani Guruji. The palm leaves were given to Sri Ramani Guruji by Sri Kaka Bhujanda Maharishi in person. The words in the palm leaves appear by divine grace (vision) of Mata Raja Rajeshwari.

The reading from Palm leaves is divine and the establishment is not a commercial establishment. In other words, readings take place and individuals are mentioned if they are destined to receive them.




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