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Festivals and Functions


Every Friday – Abishekam and Lalitha Sahasranamam and Trishati Stotra is read and free food is distributed after the readings.

Chitra Pournami (the full Moon Day in April or May) is a special day at the Ashram.  It is on this day when Mata Rajarajeshwari Icon came to the ashram.  It is celebrated in a grand manner.  Free food is distributed on this day as well.

Gurunathar Jayanthi – this is over a weeklong celebration, starting off with Sri Agasthiar Maharishi function, Nandi Kalyanam (Wedding), Bhujandar Jayanthi (Aayilyam star in Tamil month: Panguni).  This function typically takes place in March/April.  Along with it, Guruji’s birthday is also celebrated.  Free Food is distributed (lunch and dinner) along with cultural (music and art) celebration throughout the festivities.

Guruji’s Birthday – April/15 – The devotees celebrate on this day – Free food distribution

ShankarJI’s (Guruji’s son) birthday – September/21 – The devotees celebrate on this day - Free food distribution

Yogi Ramsurat Kumar’s birthday – Dec 1st .  This is day is celebrated in a grand manner – free food distribution.




Festival and Functions
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