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Yogi Bhujanda is one of the Chiranjivis amongst Yogins.  HE is a master of the science of Pranayama.  It is said that a big nest, like a mountain, was built by HIM on the southern branch of Kalpa Vriksha, situated at the northern summit of the Mahameru.  Bhujandar lives in that nest.  HE is a Trikala Jnani.  HE can sit in Samadhi for any length of time.  HE is desireless.  HE has obtained supreme Shanthi and Jnani.  HE is there enjoying the bliss of his own Self and HE is still there, being a Chiranjivi.

Bhujandar has the full knowledge of the five Dharanas.  HE has rendered himself proof against the five elements by practicing the five methods of concentration.

It is said that when all the twelve Adityas scorch the world with their burning rays, Maharishi Bhujandar would, through his Apas Dharana, reach up the Akasa.  When the fierce gaps arise splintering up the rocks to pieces, HE would be in the Akasa through Agni Dharana.  When the world, together with the Mahameru, would be under water, HE.. "would float on the water through Vayu Dharana” the above words are from Swami Sivananda from the book The lifes of Saints..

Sri Kaka Bhujanda Mahrishi has seen all the nine avatars of Maha Vishnu.  HE does not have a beginning or an end.  HE appeared on earth out of request from Mata to be present in the earth for the benefit of humankind.

The day HE appeared on earth is celebrated in the Ashram as Maeshwarapooja day.  This day falls on tamil month – Pangooni on star – Aiyulum, this is usually in the March/April time frame of the year.   On this particular day, the Lord Shiva himself has promised Bhujandar that the Lord will come in physical form and consume the food that is distributed in the Ashram.


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