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About Sri Kaka Bhujanda Maharishi

Guruji’s mission is to be part of us as a family member and mingle amongst us.  HE has been providing this guidance almost every day for the last 40+ years.  Guruji was born in 1937 in Tamil nadu.   In 1962, Kaka Bhujanda Maharishi gave the palm leaves in person in Himalayas, where Guruji spent over 6 months with Maharishi.  Maharishi on sending Guruji on his mission mentions in tamil, you and I are one. 


Maharishi, gave Guruji the title, Gnana Vashista Sigaram Arul Mamamani Ramani Guruji (roughly translates as the Individual in the highest seat of knowledge who gives out the greatest pearl of blessings).


The time to move into the ashram was guided by Yogi Ramsurat Kumar (of Tiruvanamalai) in the late eighties.  Maharishi has said that the place where the ashram is was a place where enlightened masters have done tapas and a place where Kamadenu frequents.  Maharishi has mentioned that the Ashram is similar to being in the holy city of Kashi.

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