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Several of you have asked questions about Guruji and the Nadi (Palm leaves) that is read.

First it is a service done by Guruji.  This is not like astrology that mostly people associate with Nadi, but it is divine reading.  It is Jeeva Nadi.  Nadi that has life.

One does not have to bring horoscope or thumb print or any information.  HE knows the past, present and future of all of us.

Some of you already have your own gurus or some are seeking their guru.  Seeing a great soul is truly a blessing and folks from several walks of life and folks of various spiritual levels have benefited from HIS dharshan.

 Gurunathar has mentioned several times (Might not be using the exact words but you will get the gist of it), “Only when the dark clouds are passing away and the time of brightness or light is about to emerge in the person’s life, they will coming seeking (nadi) ME”.

Cost of this:  None.  Guruji has been doing this service for several years.  HE has a large following in India and Europe (Germany particularly).  HE has his ashram in Tambaram in the outskirts of Madras (Chennai).

Ashram feeds many individuals. Several thousands of folks are fed and on one particular day Sadhus are fed.  Gurunathar has mentioned in the Reading that several Maha Purushas (great divine souls) come down and eat on that particular day.  Guruji has a large ashram along with a huge dining hall.

Those for those who wanted to help / donate, please use the pay pal donate available on this website (no login is required).

Suggestions to those who are planning to come to see Guruji:

Everyone who visits HIM, gets to spend time with HIM separately.  Plan on your question ahead of time.  Most times folks when they are in HIS presence forgot the question that they planned to ask.  Sometimes HE would give a reading to them, if it were not time to get a reading HE will reply to your queries.  However, when it is time for the reading, the answers will be there for all those present.  That is why it is mentioned to bring a tape recorder to tape what HE says along with the interpretation of it.  The NADI is read in classical Tamil and you will be told in English if Tamil is not known to you. (Guruji might explain in English as the reading is taking place).

Yes He does speak English.

Please plan to come early when Guruji is here.  It is hard to tell when Guruji will actually sit on the pedestal and start talking to each individual.  

What to bring with you:  Tape recorder. If you want, you can bring some fruits or flowers – HE usually gives them to those who are visiting as prasad.

Does HE give discourse?  Yes HE does, but we never know when HE is going to give discourse and when HE is not.  Just go with the flow.  HE would appear very normal and would never convey what HIS capability is but those who are spiritual inclined can recognize the grandeur in HIM.


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