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For Europe please check: http://narbhavie.com/
Sri Ramani Guruji can be reached (while HE is in Chennai) at
PleaseNote:  Guruji DOES NOT give out appointments.  Please avoid sending e-mails requesting for an appointment.  If you are in the area (Chennai in India) and Guruji is available in the ashram you can call HIM the previous day before 10:30 AM or after 5 PM in the evening (India time) before visiting the ashram.  Again the readings are given to individuals ONLY IF you are DESTINED.  Please respect that.
Guruji does not need your date of birth or other details, if you are destined for a reading you will get one.  Please don’t ask why you are not getting a reading, it is not appropriate.  He does not give out readings on the phone or take a reading for someone and e-mail or snail mail the details of the reading.  Please appreciate the method of working at the ashram and follow that.
Please find your own place of stay, the Ashram does not have accommodations for overnight stays.
Contact for Sri. Ramani Guruji
Country Code : 91
Telephone number : 9444040109
E-mail contact for Arulvanam WebAdmin : arulvanamchennai@gmail.com





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